We have a biomass problem. It’s in the wrong place!

We have a biomass problem. It’s in the wrong place!

Urbanites create massive amounts of biodegradable waste, essentially energy, which has been mined and exported from rural agriculture production lands in the form of food that is consumed in cities.

The urban shares in the global carbon cycle are likely to increase in the future as the urban population is on the rise and projected to reach 75% of the world population by 2030.

The impact of these future trajectories on the global carbon budget will require a much better understanding of how urban development affects the carbon cycle.

HumaTerra applies innovative technologies converting environmental biodegradable waste into microbial-rich soil biostimulants that are functional in commercial farming applications as partial replacement of plant fertilizers, chemicals and soil remediation. These indigenous microbial-rich products enhance the microorganism community in soil, improving structural and functional stability and overall soil health.

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