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H-Start Reclaim supports growth of strong, resilient plants in any soil conditions.

Having trouble establishing a durable stand of native plants on a reclamation site? A simple, cost-effective application of H-Start Reclaim can give soil just what plants need to thrive.
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Take on that tough reclamation site
with H-Start Reclaim

H-Start Reclaim can help you establish resilient, permanent vegetation by:
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Maybe that stubborn site on your reclamation list needs a new solution H-Start Reclaim.

See how one company used H-Start Reclaim on some tough sites in 2023

Reclaiming Degraded Tailings Pile Soil: H-Start Reclaim Research Results

Land reclamation is a critical environmental challenge, especially in areas with degraded soil like tailings piles. The HumaTerra team completed a series of trials to assess the efficacy of H-Start Reclaim in facilitating plant growth and root development in challenging conditions.

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The cost will depend on the application rate required.  Product use rate will vary by application type and the severity of the soil degradation. Please contact HumaTerra at 1-833-247-3436 or for a consultative discussion.


H-Start Reclaim can be suspended in hydroseeding solutions, broadcast and incorporated, or soil placed with the seed.

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