Asked Questions


Our 5/32” pellets are custom blends of mature, naturally inoculated composts along with feedstock ingredients for the fungi and bacteria. This combination of ingredients and the proprietary manufacturing process makes a high-quality pellet with long-term viability in storage and consistent efficacy in soil.

Everything in our products is naturally occurring.  We source our composted material from multiple sources.  The compost is allowed to mature at our facility in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan to develop high concentrations of natural fungi and bacteria.   

We only use certified raw material – Category A compost (CCME Guidelines for Compost Quality). We use DNA testing and advanced biochemical methods to monitor and control quality – including to confirm fungi to bacteria ratios and volumes.  We quality test throughout the manufacturing process (from compost maturation to processing to storage). 

For agricultural applications, you can purchase through select agriculture crop input retailers, or directly from HumaTerra.

For H-Start Reclaim, please contact HumaTerra for purchasing options.  

No, H-Start can only improve the soil and produces no adverse effects.



Depending on the type of application, a typical application of H-Start is approximately $25 per acre.  All seasons and all crops have an application rate of 35 lbs/acre. 

You can apply H-Start in the spring or fall, with or without fertilizer.  H-Start Broadacre and Brassica can be applied at seeding for spring or fall seeded crops, banded in fall or spring prior to seeding, or broadcast in the fall and incorporated.

Yes, H-Start can be blended with dry fertilizers. Blended products can be stored for up to 6 months prior to application in a weather-proof bin. Check with your HumaTerra Territory Manager before adding dust inhibitor.

For vertical blenders, add all fertilizer to the blender first and then add H-Start to complete the blending process.

For volumetric blenders, add H-Start in sequence with dry fertilizer products.

We recommend you minimize handling to maintain the quality of the pellet. Conveyors are preferred but H-Start can be transferred by auger. To maintain pellet integrity, we recommend you operate your transfer equipment at full load capacity for continuous flow.

If not blended with fertilizer, H-Start can be stored in a sealed bin for up to 1 year. If blended with fertilizer, it can be stored for 6 months in a sealed bin. While in storage, ensure no moisture can enter the bin. Keeping the product dry is essential for preserving efficacy.


The cost will depend on the application rate required.  Product use rate will vary by application type and the severity of the soil degradation. Please contact HumaTerra at 1-833-247-3436 or for a consultative discussion.


H-Start Reclaim can be suspended in hydroseeding solutions, broadcast and incorporated, or soil placed with the seed.