Your soil has more to give. Unlock it.

Healthy soil starts with microbial biodiversity 

HumaTerra soil inoculants are custom blends of beneficial fungi and bacteria that improve the microbial biodiversity and functionality of your soil.

Ask us about the only broad-spectrum soil inoculants for agriculture and reclamation.

H-Start for Agriculture

H-Start Brassica for canola and mustard. H-Start Broadacre for all other grains and forages.

H-Start Reclaim for Bio-Reclamation

H-Start Reclaim to re-establish permanent healthy natural grasses and species.

Do more with a broad-spectrum soil inoculant

Traditional inoculants are seed treatments with limited microbes and limited benefits. Most soil conditioners or soil enhancers amend only certain attributes of soil without a lasting impact. Healthy, productive soil requires a dense and diverse microbial community.

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HumaTerra is different.

Industry Associations & Partnerships

Science-based. Field-tested.

H-Start has been tested in the field since 2016 and we continue to invest in third-party small plot randomized replicated trials for scientific validation.

Trials show that H-Start leads to healthier more resilient plants:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 5/32” pellets are custom blends of mature, naturally inoculated composts along with feedstock ingredients for the fungi and bacteria. This combination of ingredients and the proprietary manufacturing process makes a high-quality pellet with long-term viability in storage and consistent efficacy in soil.

Everything in our products is naturally occurring.  We source our composted material from multiple sources.  The compost is allowed to mature at our facility in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan to develop high concentrations of natural fungi and bacteria.   

We only use certified raw material – Category A compost (CCME Guidelines for Compost Quality). We use DNA testing and advanced biochemical methods to monitor and control quality – including to confirm fungi to bacteria ratios and volumes.  We quality test throughout the manufacturing process (from compost maturation to processing to storage). 

For agricultural applications, you can purchase through select agriculture crop input retailers, or directly from HumaTerra.

For H-Start Reclaim, please contact HumaTerra for purchasing options.  

No, H-Start can only improve the soil and produces no adverse effects.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.