Three Pillars of Healthy Soil

When you have healthy soil, plants emerge better, establish a stronger root system, perform better in difficult conditions, and make better use of fertilizer.

Organic matter

Soil aggregation

Active microbes

The role of diverse soil microbes

Active fungi and bacteria have a role to play in the soil and in the plant.
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What kind of microbes are important?

Bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, nematodes, and protozoa are all important for your soil. The healthiest soil has a large and active community of all of these. Introducing healthy microbes to the soil with H-Start helps restore a healthy, natural balance.

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Healthy soil structure

A healthy microbial community in your soil creates a better soil structure to grow healthy crops.

Organic matter and healthy soil

When your soil has a robust community of microbes, the organic matter in your soil breaks down quicker, contributing to more nutrients and improved soil structure.

Organic matter in your field can also be home to the pathogens that cause disease. Breaking down that organic matter quickly helps minimize the environment where those pathogens grow.

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Get healthier soil with H-Start

H-Start contains a diverse community of microbes. DNA tested to confirm their viability and volume. Field tested on Western Canadian farms.

Get started with H-Start on your farm.