Healthy, productive soils begin with H-start

Most agricultural lands lack the soil fungi and bacteria needed for effective crop residue and organic matter decomposition, efficient and timely nutrient release, and healthy crop development. H-Start is a targeted blend of a full spectrum of fungi and bacteria to improve your soil diversity and help you get more from the land.

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img s2 H Start Broadacre Blend R1

H-Start Broadacre Blend

Custom blend for crops that prefer a soil with more fungi like cereals, pulses, flax, and forages.

img s2 H Start Brassica Blend R1

H-Start Brassica Blend

Custom blend for canola, mustard, and other crops that perform best in soils with higher bacteria presence.

Give your crop every advantage you can

Strong roots and resilient plants

Plants growing in soil with H-Start have access to increased natural growth hormones (auxin, cytokinin and giberellin) that support a stronger root system and overall plant biomass development. At the same time, beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil support the exchange of moisture and nutrients and an extended root system.

img s3 Strong roots and resilient plants R1

H-Start applied in 2023 on the left, H-Start applied in 2022 and 2023. Birch Hills, Saskatchewan.

img s3 Reduced soil borne disease pressure

Lentils with H-Start on the left and without H-Start on the right.

Reduced soil borne disease pressure

Research has shown H-Start soil inoculants decrease soil borne crop pathogens. Crops are under pressure all season long from many stressors, including disease. H-Start builds the population of the native soil microbiome. These microbes create a healthier environment for crops to thrive with less disease pressure. With
H-Start, the soil’s porosity and permeability is also improved which helps manage the risk of soil borne disease.

Improved nutrient availability

Soil contains macro and micro nutrients in many forms, including crop residue and organic matter. All nutrients go through cycles of being available and unavailable to plants. The bacteria and fungi in H-Start drives the decomposition of organic materials and move nutrients from unavailable to available around the roots. Plus, the addition of H-Start to your soil makes plant cells more permeable, increasing the potential to optimize applied fertilizer and access the abundant stored nutrients in many soils.

img s3 Improved nutrient availability

Chickpeas grown with H-Start on the left and without H-Start on the right.

img s3 Mitigate difficult growing conditions 1

Barley grown in saline conditions with H-Start on the left and without H-Start on the right.

Mitigate difficult growing conditions

A healthy, bio-diverse soil helps crops function normally even under difficult growing conditions including extreme heat, saline soil, drought, and disease pressure. Plants in soil with H-Start are more resilient and better able to maintain the normal processes that impact quality and yield.

Flexible application

H-Start pellets are 5/32” and can be applied at seeding with your current seeding equipment or broadcast and incorporated on your field. No additional equipment required.

Fall Application

Apply H-Start in the fall and spread out your workload. H-Start can be applied alone or with dry fertilizer any time after harvest, in either a banded or broadcast and incorporated application.

Spring Application

H-Start can be applied prior to or at seeding and is safe to be applied with seed. It can be applied alone or with dry fertilizer in either a banded or broadcast and incorporated application.

Plan Ahead

Optimize your seeding operation by blending H-Start with dry fertilizer. Long-term storage testing confirms that H-Start can be blended with dry fertilizer and stored for up to 6 months prior to application.

Convenient and Ready to Use:

Results backed by research

img s5 Results backed by research

We’ve been field testing H-Start since 2016 with impressive results.

See our test results or contact us if you’d like to see H-Start in action in a field near you.

Invest in your land. Build up your soil.

Your land is the biggest asset on your farm. Our research shows that the benefits of H-Start build over time. By year 3 or 4 you will see changes in soil tilth, compaction, and productivity. HumaTerra continues to invest in how H-Start can improve long-term efficiency on your farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of application, a typical application of H-Start is approximately $25 per acre.  All seasons and all crops have an application rate of 35 lbs/acre. 

You can apply H-Start in the spring or fall, with or without fertilizer.  H-Start Broadacre and Brassica can be applied at seeding for spring or fall seeded crops, banded in fall or spring prior to seeding, or broadcast in the fall and incorporated.

Yes, H-Start can be blended with dry fertilizers. Blended products can be stored for up to 6 months prior to application in a weather-proof bin. Check with your HumaTerra Territory Manager before adding dust inhibitor.

For vertical blenders, add all fertilizer to the blender first and then add H-Start to complete the blending process.

For volumetric blenders, add H-Start in sequence with dry fertilizer products.

We recommend you minimize handling to maintain the quality of the pellet. Conveyors are preferred but H-Start can be transferred by auger. To maintain pellet integrity, we recommend you operate your transfer equipment at full load capacity for continuous flow.

If not blended with fertilizer, H-Start can be stored in a sealed bin for up to 1 year. If blended with fertilizer, it can be stored for 6 months in a sealed bin. While in storage, ensure no moisture can enter the bin. Keeping the product dry is essential for preserving efficacy.
If you have other questions, get in touch or check out our FAQ page.