Living Soil Amendments
for the Reclamation Industry

HumaTerra’s broad-spectrum, microbial soil inoculants promote faster and healthier
bio-reclamation of degraded soil by repopulating it with the living,
it needs to give the vegetation process a head start.

How can HumaTerra help?

H-Start can be used in bio-reclamation through a three-phase process:

1. Diagnose:

Our Research & Development team combines soil science biology principles with chemistry-based knowledge. We use chemical analysis, DNA sequencing (for microbial profiling), cloud computing and data analytics to determine the chemical and biological makeup of the soil including pathogens, nutrient cycling, and carbon sequestration capacities.

2. Prescribe:

Based on the data, we prescribe a solution and specially formulate the H-Start blend (a combination of vegetative and activated microbial cultures) to break down the relevant organic compounds. 

3. Monitor:

We monitor the results carefully, track the changes over time, and provide you with new insights.

Why is there a need for HumaTerra
H-Start in the reclamation industry?

The need for soil amendments is increasing due to current market conditions:

What makes HumaTerra's H-Start
inoculant blend ideal for use in
the reclamation industry?

HumaTerra helps return the land to its original state faster and more sustainably through: