Soil Salinity: A Closer Look at Soil Microbe Inoculation

Harvested Grain Field

While better farm practices have reduced the risk of soil salinity in Canada, there are areas where it remains a significant problem.  Salinity impacts crop growth, nutrient availability, and overall soil health. However, the addition of active soil microbes can result in improvements to soil health and minimize the overall impact of salinity.  Salinity and […]

Soil Health News: Soil Microbes and Drought Research

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An article by Carol King in Top Crop Manager highlighted a project led by microbiologist Tim Dumonceaux at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Saskatoon. The research explores the potential of leveraging soil microbes around oilseed plant roots to enhance drought tolerance. Dumonceaux’s research delves into the role of root exudates (compounds excreted by plants […]