Soil Health News: Unveiling the Power of Disease-Suppressive Soils: A DNA-Based Exploration in Prairie Crop Rotations

Unveiling the Power of Disease Suppressive Soils

A research project led by AAFC’s Xiben Wang, is delving into soil microbial communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The focus is on understanding the genetic makeup of these communities to identify crop rotations that can harness the potential of naturally occurring biocontrol agents against major pathogens. Focus on Fusarium and other soil-borne disease Primarily concentrating […]

Soil Health News: Practical Recommendations for Measuring Soil Health  

Soil Health News

In collaboration with over 100 scientists across 124 agricultural research sites in Canada, the US, and Mexico, the Soil Health Institute (SHI) outlined a practical suite of 3 soil health indicators for land managers. After evaluation of 30 different factors, they recommended the following three as a minimum, based on cost, practicality, and effectiveness.  Organic […]